Our platform offers advanced features and facilities for the most demanding traders, who are looking for structure the best options within each product offered, everything fast and reliable, always “on line” and “in real time”.

We offer pre-customized algorithms, with exclusives services and real-time quotes. Analysis of all business conducted, by brokers in the market, such as: Overview, Business Brokers Ranking, Ranking of Assets and Volum Variantion. Analysis and monitoring of many financial strategies, as Financing, Caption, Box Spread, Termo de Ações, Black & Scholes and Graphical Simulator.

BLK Sistemas Financeiros To trade through RoboTrader Platform means, specially:

  • Low latency on order execution;
  • High agility in all operational strategies;
  • Certainty of an efficient support of those who created the algorithms;
  • Several strategies for the same client at the same time;
  • Possibility to avoid operations from the same client;
  • Pre trade risk control over the strategies;
  • Certified by BM&FBOVESPA and compatible with PQO (Programa de Qualificação Operacional);
  • Customized treatment in case of loss on the counter-order position;
  • RoboTrader version available for individual investors, through certified broker dealers;
  • Visual and sound alerts easily identified by the user, in order to simplify the decision;
  • Customization of the pre defined color of the RoboTrader interface;