Specialized Environment in
Electronic & Algorithmic Trading

From now on you can be even more competitive, using our best technologies resources, without having a considerable increase on infrastructure-related expenses and with strong reduce spending on technology, monitoring, training and qualified professionals.

Concentrate in your business and leave your electronic operations in our hands.
This is our specialty.


BLK Sistemas Financeiros´ Proximity Colocation has an ultra-low latency network, specialized in electronic trading, monitored by high-qualified professionals.

  • High performance in processing your orders and algorithms
  • High availability, scalability and redundancy on hired services
  • Structure 100% focused in an ultra-low latency
  • Colocation for your algorithms and servers in our network
  • Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Links and Software 100% designed for the highest performance on your applications
  • Real time Market Data and access to our historical bases
  Implantation in house Proximity Colocation
Hardware e Software High initial investments on servers, switches, firewalls, software license, besides preclusive maintenance costs and non-predictable expenses. Initial costs are minimal. You do not need to hire hardware, software or specialized labor. Low and predictable investments, without unexpected costs.
Labor (asset) Hiring technical and specialized labor and constantly training are needed. We offer specialized labor for electronic negotiation and cognizance of financial market.
Trustworthiness and redundancy Absence of redundancy for proper websites and links, wrong firewall policy and a lack of qualified professionals with technical procedure knowledge on financial market. Ultra low latency ambience, designed for specialists for maximum performance in electronic trading. Extensive processing aptitude and scalability of rising and a completely contingency ambiance.
Monitoring and Security High-investments in specific solutions and specialized labor are needed. Monitoring by specialized professionals, management software for technical structure and exclusive network for electronic trading.


Connection links (RCB)

• Contingency access to BM&FBOVESPA servers
• Latency lower than 30µs (only on CT1)

Internet Access

BLK’s network is provided through a certain device made of a core of four different internet operators with 99,5% availability. We use BGP4 protocol to select the best ways in and out.

Physical Structure

• Servers, switches and firewalls of high performance and redundancy
• Redundancy systems
High performance storage
• High availability ambience
• Management modules and pre-trade risk control

• BLK Sistemas Financeiros is responsible for managing servicesand infrastructure


The structure counts with two active sites within 30 km between. In case of unavailability on the primary site, it will be made a conversion to the contingency site, which will provide connection to keep your operations running.


BLK’s headquarters are available for 24x7 utilization. Besides that, BLK has an alternative work place, so, if anything happens, such as the impossibility of continue working on the official seat, the operations and provided services to the clients will keep running.


• World class Data Center provided with physical and logical security located on São Paulo
• Guaranteed energy system by redundancy of concessionaire supplies, generators and no-breaks
• Modern and redundant refrigeration system
• Non-destructive fire detection and combat systems
• Monitoring and adjustment of failures 24x7x365 with follow upfor clients requests made through the website
• Unconditional assistance 24x7x365 for requests, including assisted reboot