This system will integrate into a single platform multi Capital Markets, with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and versatility of the processes involved in electronic trading.

The RoboTrader OMS is a solution developed for HFT (High Frequency Trading), environments, which combines low latency with risk management and orders.

Advantages of RoboTrader OMS

  • » Low latency;
  • » High availability;
  • » Risk control (pre-trade);
  • » Easy integration with proprietary systems and networks worldwide;
  • » Technical support specialist.

Order Routing Module

Responsible for managing, validating and sending all the orders / offers (bids) for the contract segment.

Risk Management System Module

Risk management (pre-trader): the module is based on quantitative and financial limits, which allows users to set trading limits, validated before sending each order to the trading systems. The module manages the risk and operational limits for BM&FBOVESPA in communication with the Sinacor and/or database used, allowing synchronization between the customer information (financial position) in the data structure used with the Database of RoboTrader OMS.
The Risk management has two types of limits:
1. Quantitative restrictions and limits
2. Financial limits

Administration Module (supervisor)

Mainly resources:
  • » Registration of new users and/or customers;
  • » Insertion and/or change operational limits for users and/or customers;
  • » Frequency control orders sent per minute;
  • » Report about latency of orders sent.

Gateway Fix Module

Responsible for communication (integration) of the orders given (algorithms) and simple orders for buying and selling between RoboTrader OMS and the broker (sell-side), with their customers (buy-side), via the FIX Protocol.
Main features:
  • » Leverages new clients with no need of high investments;
  • » Significant increase on the ability to insert and manage the algorithms;
  • » Real time feedback of the trades to the buy side;
  • » Easy deployment with OMS and buy side clients.
  • » Additional features:
  • » Brokerage invoice;
  • » Current account statement;
  • » Custody position.