Gateway Fix

Responsible for communication (integration) of the orders given (algorithms) and simple orders for buying and selling between RoboTrader OMS and the broker (sell-side), with their customers (buy-side), via the FIX Protocol.

Advantages of Gateway FIX:
  • Leverages new clients with no need of high investments;
  • Significant increase on the ability to insert and manage the algorithms;
  • Real time feedback of the trades to the buy side;
  • Easy deployment with OMS and buy side clients.
Take a look the different scenarios Gateway FIX
  1. 1.Care Order

    Sending Simple Orders, administered, with operator’s intervention.

  2. 2.DMA Order

    Sending Simple Orders, DMA type, without operator’s intervention.

  3. 3.Care Order Algo

    Sending algorithms, administered, with operator’s intervention.

  4. 4.DMA Algo

    Sending algorithms, DMA type, without operator’s intervention.