Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RoboTrader Platform?

RoboTrader is a totally computerized system, which uses special doors to BM&FBOVESPA (API or FIX pattern) and its orders are electronically spread through a particular broker, enabling simultaneous execution of several different strategies in only one computer.
RoboTrader system allows many ways to configure your parameters according to your needs, in addition to enable algorithms customization.

Was the system developed in Brazil?

Yes, the company is 100% Brazilian with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. For more than 30 years ours professionals has been on the financial market. RoboTrader system was created after a long experience period on developmenting, pricing, optimization, management strategies for great institutional clients.

What are the main differentials?

We understand the demands requested by our clients and we are always aware for their possible needs. We are seven days a week trying to optimize each one of our strategies, how to make it more efficient, faster and more effective. On the other hand, it’s the chance to customize every available strategy, adapting it to client’s wish.
Furthermore, aiming to always have a good support service, we are constantly looking for trainings and capacity for our Support Department, so they are prepared to provide quick and accurate solutions for different financial situations.

How do I use the RoboTrader Platform?

In order to use the platform is necessary to be a third client of a broker authorized by CVM to execute orders on BM&FBOVESPA. You have to check if the broker of choice already has the RoboTrader Platform approved on its system.
If you are interested in a real-time demonstration of our system, we’re happy to schedule a visit. Get in touch with us via email at

What are the costs of RoboTrader Platform?

The broker price depends of a variety of variables, as the available apps till mapping and risk-analysis module pre-trade, contingency servers, etc.
The effective cost for a third client depends exclusively on the relationship between him and the broker, since the platform is sold to brokers.

Is RoboTrader connected to Home Broker broker’s system?

No. RoboTrader works apart, completely independent of home broker broker’s.

Which brokers has RoboTrader approved on its systems?

In the ranking of the biggest BM&FBOVESPA brokers, RoboTrader provides solutions for 40 of the top 50 (80%).
Because of contractual issues, we keep private the name of broker we have agreement with. Therefore, contact the broker of your choice and ask for more information.

On which market segment can RoboTrader be used?

Both BOVESPA and BM&F segments. At the moment our strategies aims BOVESPA, but we are already established on both segments. Very soon, more tools will be available on RoboTrader System.

Which strategies RoboTrader apply?

Orders: Twap, Vwap e Participatives
Long & Short (Buy/Sell of two assets simultaneously)
Volatility (Buy/Sell of volatility between shares and options)
Volatility Skew (Arbitration between two volatilities options)
Trade Spread (Price and Financial)
Butterfly (any assets)
Condor (any assets)
Ghost Offer
Best Offer (Price and Volatility)
Cash and Carry (Carteira de Ações vs. Indice Bovespa)

Is it possible to develop a strategy that isn’t included on RoboTrader system?

Yes. We also have two interfaces that allow you to create rapid and easily your own algorithms: by an Excel spreadsheet you can elaborate your strategy and make a DDE or RTD link with RoboTrader System, or using a programmable API.

Which strategies can I use on BM&F segment?

We are still developing and testing news algorithms for this segment, and it will be soon available.

Which BM&FBOVESPA orders are approved on RoboTrader System?

We’re authorized to send and receive orders through Protocolo Fix on BM&F and BOVESPA.
Recently, we were approved to send and receive orders through MegaDirect Bovespa.

How could I develop special and proprietor solutions?

If you develop special algorithms for future commercialization with optional modules inside RoboTrader Platform it can be analyzed by our market and technology department. Get in touch with us and discuss any question you have: