RoboTrader Educacional » Estrutura

The new product from BLK Sistemas Financeiros will improve the use of all tools available and disseminate the financial intelligence. This new product will provide workshops and training, according to the customer needs.

RoboTrader Educacional has a differentiated structure. The training class, located at the company’s head office, in São Paulo downtown, received a great investment and has high-tech features.

All training and workshops will be given by highly qualified professionals with an excellent expertise of our platforms and the financial market.

To learn more about the RoboTrader Educacional, please contact us and see how you can customize your workshop.

The training class and workshops is able to accommodate 30 students, and is equipped with:

• 30 individual computers, 22”;
• 2 digital interactive whiteboards, 96”;
• Multimedia projectors;
• Professional lightning and sound system;
• Ar conditioning;
• LED TVs 42”;
• Coffee break area;
• Interactive software (teacher X students).

For more information, please call: (+55 11) 3295-1522