Analysis and monitoring of all trades on the BM&FBOVESPA, in real time, enabling quick decision making, with data base since 2002.

  Brokers ranking

Details about the brokers performance over a period covering information such as, percentage ownership, consolidated volume of buying, selling, gross and net.

  Assets Ranking


Based on the trading volume, it is elaborated a table showing the position of the asset, last traded price, oscillation, business number, quantity, volume percentage and how many different brokers are buying / selling.

  Business summary

Identifies the consolidated position of the brokers who handled a specific instrument, as well as basic statistics of the same trade (last, quantity, minimum, maximum, volume in R$).

  Available options


Details on market positioning options of a given instrument / maturity.

  Asset vs. Broker (history)

Displays the daily history of a broker trading in a particular asset including it is consolidated positions and their average price of buying, selling and net.

  Landing stocks


Historic day-today of landing a particular stock, both in quantity and in financial volume.

  Business Spotlight

Ranking of the largest business based on the criterion of trading volume.

  Canceled trades


List of canceled trades, identifying buyers and sellers.

  Asset summary

It groups, by periods of negotiation, relevant information of a particular asset, such as, the last quotes / minimum / maximum, oscillation, quantity, trades, delta volume and buyers and sellers.

  Times & Trades (History)


It lists an asset’s trades within a pre-established period of time. Contains for each entry, the sequential number, time, quantity, price, buyer and seller.