Conta Broker System

The system brings all accounts and information regarding the rebate registered on the brokerage database, such as:

  • » Order number;
  • » Buy or sale;
  • » Number of stocks;
  • » Negotiated price;
  • » Financial Volume;
  • » Trades.

Security of the System

Conta Broker has log controls over the system operations, or in the other words, the distributions made by the user.


The stocks distributed by Conta Broker can be by:

  • » Pró – Rata: the division is made equally, in percentage, among all stocks involved;
  • » Percentage: each client account receives fractions defined by the user;
  • » Quantity: the user will inform the quantity and value the account will receive;
  • » Manual (Tordist): operations are distributed manually, by the user;
  • » Average (Tordist): the distribution will be according to the average cost of the asset.

Orders – Distribution

Distribution Form

All information about the orders already distributed is stored, such as: CPF/CNPJ,market type,buy / sell,quantity distributed,balance,trades.

Orders – Pro Rata Distribution

With Conta Broker, it is possible to distribute an order by pro-rata.

Orders – Distribution by Quantity

With Conta Broker, it is possible to distribute an order by quantity.

Tordist - Generation of the orders distribution

This screen shows the options available for allocation, by Broker and Type of Distribution, to generate the Tordist.


All system options are on this screen, such as: save the distributions and application configuration.