The RoboTrader Automate is a system based on Excel interface, which provides a spreadsheet RTD (Real Time Data).

Practical, fast and reliable, can be used by professionals and beginners investors. It can be done on two ways:
▪ Easy way to created news algorithms;
▪ Automations of existing algorithms.


An easy and powerful tool, to automate many strategies:
• Increase of productivity in strategies executions;
• Low latency;
• Easy implementation, in a friendly environment (Excel);
• Feedback, in real time, of all offers and business executed;
• Increase of capacity to insert and manager algorithms;
• Improve agility in all operational strategies;
• Specialized Support Group.

Market summary
Monitor, in real time, the main market quotations containing several features:
▪ Last trader price, average price, maximum, minimum, variation, and others;
▪ Instrument information (dead line, working days, exercise price, negotiation quote, and others).

Rate Interest
Update in real time of interest rate, in the following formats:
▪ Period;
▪ Over;
▪ Year 252r.

Model for pricing Options:
▪ Implied volatility of options;
▪ Weighted Implied Volatility;
▪ Greek Variables;
▪ Fair Price Option (Award).