RoboTrader is a trading system for BM&FBOVESPA, developed for low latency and high reliability order execution.

   Trade Spread

Arbitrages between 2, 3 or 4 assets simultaneously.


- Long and Short;

- Volatility;

- Skew of Volatility;

- Trade Spread (Price and Financial);

- Butterfly (any assets);

- Condor (any assets);

- Duration;

- Forward;

- Arbitrage.

Main features:

- Simultaneous order insertion on all sides;

- Preserves your position on the book (multiple orders);

- Allows automatic adjust in case of loss on the counter side position;

- Book position simulation;

- Operational results, on each partial execution;

- Possibility to use book depth (OFA).


Buy or sell a certain amount of shares of an asset on a specific period of time.


- Best Offer;
- Ghost;
- Best Offer / Ghost;
- Participatory;
- Basket.

Main features:

- Position limit by number of shares and/or financial volume;
- Preserves your position on the book (multiple orders);
- Possibility to exclude cross trades or of the own broker;
- Automatic redistribution or liquidation;
- Possibility to use Ghost or Best Offer orders;
- Basket import through Excel;
- Executed orders filter;

   Orders History

All the orders executed by RoboTrader are registered with all the details:

- Type;
- Status;
- Client;
- Quota;
- Time;
- Buy or sell;
- Stock;
- Amount;
- Price;
- Average price.

   Algorithms Monitor

All strategies are monitored through interfaces with the ability to gather most important information, allowing fast and efficient decisions.

   Cash & Carry

Executes arbitrage between the future index and a theoretical portfolio, aiming to obtain a higher return rate compared with the market.

Main features:

- Effective target on each partial execution;
- Portfolio customization (assets exclusion);
- Possibility of weighting each asset on the portfolio;
- Allows automatic adjust in case of loss on the counter side position;

Cash (Viewer)

Index on-line monitoring (execution opportunities).